Visual storytellers of unforgettable love stories

In this page you will find photo + video packages info.


Congratulations on your engagement! 

Planning your wedding is the most exciting and important day of your life and it stands to reason that you would want it captured beautifully.

That's where WE come in.


We will be visual storytellers who capture the emotional essence and timeless beauty of your love story. With a romantic approach and narrative style, we are committed to providing you with a collection of exceptional images that narrate your unique and exciting journey.


As Wedding Storytellers, we understand the significance of capturing authentic moments without posing our clients. We acknowledge that many individuals might feel uncomfortable or uneasy in front of a camera. Therefore, we prioritize the organic flow of events, focusing on essential moments rather than creating a posed and stressful environment.

We don't aim to list and rigidly follow 50 different shots like "Bride's parents whispering to each other," as this could potentially disrupt the natural atmosphere of your wedding. Instead, during our consultation, we'll discuss a range of standard wedding shots and give you the opportunity to highlight which moments hold the most importance for you.

Our primary emphasis will be on capturing those crucial moments flawlessly, ensuring they are beautifully preserved in your collection. The remaining time will be dedicated to capturing organic shots that authentically reflect the essence of your wedding day.

Our approach ensures that your wedding feels like an organic celebration rather than a staged photoshoot, allowing genuine emotions and moments to shine through in our photography.


Following your wedding, within a maximum of 72 hours, you'll receive an exclusive sneak peek of your photos – a curated selection of approximately 40 to 50 beautifully edited images. These are specifically designed for you to share cherished moments with your loved ones and showcase your special day to the world.

The remaining collection of images will be meticulously edited and delivered to you within 4 to 7 weeks, allowing us to dedicate the necessary time and attention to perfecting each picture. Please note that delivery times may slightly vary based on the season and the complexity of the editing process.

Moreover, if video services are part of your package, we commit to delivering the final edited videos within approximately 5 to 7 weeks after the completion of the photo editing process. This timeline ensures that every detail is perfected to reflect the true essence and beauty of your unforgettable day.

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1 / 3


Luis and Genessis were amazing and I can not recommend them enough if you are looking for a great photographer videographer duo. They were very professional and our photos are absolutely stunning. The videos he put together were amazing and I am beyond happy with the highlight video and the full length video..”


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Would absolutely recommend Luis and his wife to be your photographer/videographer for your big day. They were SO kind and never made us feel awkward. Everything was so candid! If you are looking for candid moments and not awkward poses.. this is definitely the photographer for you!


1 / 3


Luis is great to work with! We had contacted him for our engagement photos, and we were absolutely pleased with his work and service! He is very professional, easy to work with, has great ideas, great with communication and made the whole experience enjoyable! 

We are a bit uncomfortable with photographs of ourselves, however Luis put our nerves at ease and the photographs turned out amazing! Definitely would recommend him!



Embarking on a journey from a fairytale-like traditional church setting to a modern, vibrant outdoor festival theme, I am committed to capturing your essence and showcasing your best self in every frame.

To accommodate diverse preferences and budgets, I've meticulously crafted four distinct service packages, each tailored to meet your specific needs. However, all packages are customizable and are just a base.

Despite the differences in services offered, all packages come with straightforward payment terms: Secure your booking by making a 40% deposit, and the remaining 60% is due just 10 days before your wedding day – making the payment process seamless and stress-free.

Just choose a package that resonates with your vision, and entrust the rest to me. I'm dedicated to transforming your moments into everlasting memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.


8 hours wedding Coverage
One photographer
One Filmmaker
400+ all edited pictures
2 minutes Trailer Video
15 Minutes Cinematic Extended Video

Full Ceremony Film
Full Speeches Film
Online gallery delivery

Drone Shots
premium 12" x 12" Lay flat Album

$7,950 USD


8 hours wedding Coverage

One photographer
One Filmmaker
300+ edited pictures
10 minutes Cinematic Highlights video
Full ceremony Film

Online gallery delivery

Drone Shots

$5,850 USD


4 Hours wedding Coverage
One Photographer
One Filmmaker
200+ all edited photos
5 min Highlights Video
Online gallery delivery
Free Drone Shots

$4,600 USD


The prices shown on photoshoots include a 10% discount applied on regular prices and only applies if you decide to add to your wedding package on the same contract.

Full Ceremony Video

$350 USD

Full Wedding ceremony Video recorded with 2 cameras.

  • Basic Color Editing
  • Voices Audio enhance
  • Video Trimming to erase non activity moments during ceremony.
  • Online Delivery
  • Full HD Quality

Full Speeches Video

$250 USD

  • Full Speeches Video recorded with 2 cameras.
  • Basic Color Editing
  • Voices Audio enhance
  • Video Trimming to erase non activity moments during speeches.
  • Online Delivery
  • Full HD Quality

Movie style TeaseR

$320 USD

Cinematic Movie Trailer style 2 minutes video

  • Full HD
  • Online Delivery
  • 2 minutes length
  • Delivery 3 weeks after wedding.

Couple Photoshoot

$420 USD

1 hour + Transportation time

1 Location: Beach or Cenote

50+ All edited Pictures

Online private gallery delivery

High-Res files

Roundtrip transportation for 2 people

*Cenote entrance fees are not included

Riviera maya Trash the dress Price

Trash the Dress

$420 USD

1 hour + Transportation time

1 Location - Beach or Cenote

50+ All edited Pictures

Online private gallery delivery

High-Res files

Roundtrip transportation for 2 people.

*Cenote entrance fees are not included

Tulum Underwater Photo Shoot Prices

Underwater Trash the Dress or Photoshoot

$850 USD

2 hours + Transportation time

1 location - Cenote

Outside water photoshoot in cenote

Underwater Photoshoot in cenote

60+ All edited Pictures

Online private gallery delivery

High-Res files

Roundtrip transportation for 2 people

*Cenote entrance fees are not included

Beach and Underwater Photoshoot (same day)

$1,050 USD

3 hours + Transportation time

2 Locations Beach and Cenote

Beach photoshoot

Underwater Photoshoot in Cenote

100+ All edited Pictures

Online private gallery delivery

High-Res files

Roundtrip transportation for 2 people

*Cenote entrance fees are not included


Extra Filmmaker

$ 180USD per hour.


Extra Photographer

$ 180USD per hour.



12”x12” size. Handmade Album. 50 pages

Handmade Coverbox. International shipping included

$7 5 0 USD.


Video RAW Files

Get all the video files captured on your wedding day.

$ 4 5 0 USD





At present, we ensure personal attention at every wedding we undertake. My wonderful wife, Genessis, and I personally oversee your special day.

Complementing our presence, we augment our team with one or two seasoned photographer/filmmaker. Each individual embodies our brand's vision, ensuring a cohesive representation that aligns with our distinctive style and approach.


Located in the heart of Cancun, Mexico, our expertise primarily revolves around the Riviera Maya region. However, starting in 2024, we are expanding our horizons to capture weddings and photoshoots beyond the confines of Riviera Maya. With over six years of dedicated experience in destination weddings, we've cultivated a seamless process, especially for clients living in diverse locales.

Our journey involves a meticulous approach when venturing to new destinations. We understand the intricacies of traveling to unfamiliar places, ensuring a tailored and close-knit experience for our clients, regardless of their location

Do you offer a second shooter service?

Each of my packages Is configured to have one photographer and one or two filmmakers since video is a little bit more complicated, you can add an extra shooter, photo or video to any package, price is 180USD each hour of extra shooter. This price apply only to add to your wedding package.

Do you offer photo and video services?

es, absolutely! We offer both photography and videography services. My wife, Genessis, and I specialize in both photography and filmmaking. Additionally, our entire team is skilled and selected to cover both photo and video aspects of weddings. This means we craft wedding films that capture the essence of your special day, delivering an experience that resonates like a cinematic masterpiece.

All editing is personally handled by me. Your photos and videos are meticulously crafted to reflect your unique story and vision, ensuring a personalized and tailored final product


Our journey in the art of wedding photography commenced professionally in 2018. Since then, we've woven our craft across diverse landscapes and venues, capturing the essence of love in over 250 weddings.

This experience has honed our skills, allowing us to infuse each celebration with a rich tapestry of cultural nuances and heartfelt moments


Throughout the high season, our turnaround time typically ranges from 4 to 7 weeks for photo delivery. Subsequently, for video delivery, we require an additional 5 to 6 weeks. However, we take great pride in our commitment to efficiency and quality.

While these timelines reflect our high season demands, our usual practice often surpasses these expectations. Our dedication to delivering excellence often results in quicker turnaround times, ensuring that you receive your cherished photos and videos promptly without compromising on the exceptional quality that defines our work

How is your hiring process?

Initially, we conduct a detailed video call to address any questions or concerns you might have regarding my services. Once all inquiries are thoroughly answered, and we've achieved absolute clarity, we proceed to the contract signing phase.

In adherence to our commitment to personalized attention, we operate on a 'one event per day' policy. Upon selecting any of our packages, we require a 40% initial payment to secure and reserve your chosen date exclusively for your wedding or photoshoot. This upfront payment ensures that our focus remains solely on capturing your special moments on that particular day, without any distractions or divided attention.

To further streamline the process and allow you to focus solely on the upcoming celebration, we've structured our payment schedule conveniently. The remaining 60% of the payment is requested one week prior to the scheduled wedding date. This approach ensures that all financial matters are settled well in advance, providing you with peace of mind and allowing us to dedicate our undivided attention to curating unforgettable memories for your special day


Absolutely! We pride ourselves on capturing timeless family portraits. Our commitment is to stay within reach throughout your special day, ensuring that any desired photo, be it with family members or specific moments, is beautifully captured at your request.

Moreover, beyond family portraits, we understand the significance of storytelling. We're dedicated to documenting the entire journey, from the excitement of getting ready, the touching moments shared among the bridal party until almost the final part of the reception. Every step of your celebration is valuable, and we're committed to encapsulating those candid, intimate moments that contribute to the unique narrative of your wedding day.


In our user-friendly app, we've incorporated seamless online payment options using Stripe. This secure platform allows you the convenience of making payments using debit or credit card directly through the app, offering a hassle-free and secure transaction process. With Stripe, you can confidently manage your payments electronically, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience, all within the familiar and trusted environment of our dedicated application.

You can also use, Western union. At this moment we don't work with PayPal due the high fees they charge.


For an optimal engagement shoot experience, we recommend scheduling it between 2 to 4 months before your wedding date. Our flexibility allows us to conduct the session anywhere within the enchanting landscapes of Southern California or Baja California at no additional mobility cost to you.

In the case of a destination wedding, we seamlessly adjust our schedule to accommodate your plans. We're more than happy to capture your engagement session either a day before or after your wedding festivities, ensuring that the essence of your special celebration and the enchantment of your destination are flawlessly woven into your timeless memories


Capturing your best moments directly through the lens is our primary focus. We employ light Photoshop editing techniques to enhance and refine your images, ensuring they reflect the natural beauty and authenticity of the captured moments. However, for more intricate or extensive editing needs, such as intricate retouching or specialized alterations, we provide a separate quote tailored to the specific requirements. Our goal remains to preserve the genuine essence of your moments while accommodating any additional editing requests you may have.

Car I order prints trough you?

Luckily Now you can!, The app that I use for photo delivery has an integrated online store where you can design your album or order prints. They have agreements with top printing laboratories in USA, Canada and Europe. So you can design, order, pay and receive your prints at your house. It is a 100% automatic process

Can I do an underwater photoshoot if I can't swim?

Unfortunately, to swim with a dress requires some swimming experience, it is really hard to make an underwater photoshoot, so, preferably you have to be at least an intermediate swimmer.