Mystic Mayan Wedding at Mia Tulum

My team and I really enjoyed this amazing Mia Tulum Mayan wedding. And once again as a Riviera Maya wedding photographer I feel really lucky about being part of such a beautiful moment for this couple life.

When Andrea and Jorge contacted us. I was very excited, as it would be the first time that we would do my job as wedding photographer in Tulum at Mia beach club Tulum.

For some reason or another we had not been able to do wedding photography in this amazing venue. If some photo shoots, but not weddings, we were really very excited about this.

Knowing that the ceremony would be a Mayan ceremony at Mia Beach Club Tulum was even better. As me and my team know that it is an excellent location for a wedding. The color of the sea and the location as such would greatly help wedding photography and video.

On wedding day, everything went perfectly. Andrea and Jorge hired us for 6 hours, but with that it was enough to make amazing video and photography shots. We started with some getting ready shots with Andrea. Somehow, we managed to sneak in while she waited for her stunning Mayan wedding ceremony in Tulum.

During the ceremony, good energy flowed. As we mentioned before, they chose to perform a Mayan Ceremony in Tulum, and as wedding photographers in Tulum it is something that we enjoy every time we have the opportunity to document one.

In short, we have nothing but words of thanks to this loving couple, as well as their friends and their relatives. For us it was a pleasure to be part of it and being able to tell their love story. We definately enjoyed this Mia Tulum Mayan wedding