Surprise Cancun Wedding Proposal at Ritz Carlton Cancun Beach

Cancun wedding proposal. Joel was looking for a natural and romantic look wedding photographer in Cancun, so he contacted me a month ago to see if I was available for a photoshoot to propose in marriage to Cristina. It was a funny story, we were planning the photoshoot on October 1st, since is an special date for them, but due to rain season we had to schedule the photoshoot for September 30th. The day was here, everything was amazing, a perfect sunny day was ahead us. We agreed to say Cristina that it was a regular photoshoot at the beach, so we set a time and we were about to meet at the beach when a huge storm hit un us. We had no other option than reschedule.

Next day, on October 1st, It was so cloudy that we agreed to go to location and try the photoshoot even if raining a little bit. When I was on my way to location, It was raining so bad, i was thinking on cancelling, suddenly, the rain stopped, and the stormy sky, turned into a nice sunny sky. Boom! we are ready for photo shoot.

So as we planned, we told christina, that it was a regular photoshoot, she never imagine it was a wedding proposal photoshoot at cancun beach. So we started the photoshoot, I told Joel to wait until I call Cristina for single pics of her facing joel´s oposite site, then you can knee and ask. So, I share with you this amazing wedding proposal at Ritz Carlton Cancun Beach.

Cancun wedding proposal